Our Mission:

Making Disciples for the Glory of God.

Our mission is to make disciples for the glory of God. The chief motive for all Christians is to glorify God in all things (1 Cor 10:31). The chief means by which we glorify God is by making disciples of Christ. Jesus commissioned his church to make disciples, meaning individuals who become Christians, and then grow to look more like Him in their lives. Scripture reveals that becoming like Christ was God's plan for us before all eternity (Rom 8:28-29). 


How do we specifically accomplish this task? When we examine the New Testament, we identify five distinct ministries of the church. The five ministries, individually and collectively, revolve around the mission of the church, to make disciples for the glory of God. Discipleship is at the heart of every activity. Below you'll find those five distinctives that we do as a church to fulfill our mission of Making Disciples for the Glory of God. 


  • Equip believers through biblical teaching to follow Jesus and do the work of ministry
  • Establish a system of discipleship training for the continual growth of believers and for leadership development


  • Encourage everyone to get involved in a LIFE Group
  • Fellowship over coffee following our worship service
  • Engaging in special fellowship events like luncheons, church picnics, or other event geared toward connecting with one another


  • Engage in corporate worship that is both celebrative and meditative
  • Emphasize a lifestyle of worship, whereby believers seek to please the Lord in every aspect of life


  • Help believers identify, strengthen, and utilize spiritual gifts in the various ministries of the church
  • Serve the needs of the community


  • Equip believers through evangelism and apologetics training to share the gospel in a variety of avenues (personal, servant, and mass evangelism) 
  • Launch local church plants and partner with national and global missions projects