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Sunday Nov 30th @ 9:30 AM
Sunday School
Sunday Nov 30th @ 10:30 AM
Worship Service
Thursday Dec 4th @ 6:30 PM
SHIFT Student Ministry
Sunday Dec 7th @ 9:30 AM
Sunday School
Sunday Dec 7th @ 10:30 AM
Worship Service

Sunday School

Sunday Mornings at 9:30am

The Gospel Project
The Gospel Project for Adults takes the story of Jesus - the gospel - the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and points to one story that infuses Scripture from cover to cover - God's redemptive plan to rescue us from sin and death. Because the entire Bible points to Jesus it is important to examine the theology and mission within the text, as all of it is an important part of understanding the awesome depth and power of the gospel.
 All of the children and youth will use the curriculum as well as one of our adult Sunday school classes.  You can check out the website for more information:
The God Who Is
Please come and join us as we begin this new series in The Gospel Project.
Before the universe began, before the beginning of time, God existed in His perfection, subsequently displayed to His creation in the works of His hands and in His Word to humanity. He is spirit, all-knowing, all powerful, and everywhere. He is good and merciful. He is love. He is holy. He is just. And He is jealous for His glory and His people. There is only one God, but the Bible is equally clear that this one God exists in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
Teacher- Chris Buckley
Room: 2
We also offer this class . . . 
This ladies class will focus on everything God’s Word has to say about motherhood!  We will be challenged and encouraged as we see God’s plan so beautifully laid out in Scripture.  This practical class is applicable for all women whether single or married, with or without children. 
Teacher- Angela Sims
Room: Library
Job, Ecclesiastes - Making Sense of Life
What would you list as the top five personal challenges your facing right now? Depending on where you are in the human life span, your answers might include health, retirement security, wayward children, divorce or job loss. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the struggles and start to wonder if life really has any meaning beyond mere physical survival. What's our real purpose? Do my Christian faith and divine wisdom of the Scriptures truly help me make sense of life and understand God's purposes in the struggles?  Our study of the Books of Job and Ecclesiastes will bring us face to face with the real-life ironies, reversals, tragedies and sufferings that comprise the human experience. These books also point us ultimately to "the rest of the story" in which God sent Jesus Christ to provide a way of salvation for sinful mankind through His unimaginable suffering on our behalf. 

Teacher- Jon Espeland
Room: 7


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