Updated 08/11/20

As of June 7th, our church began to meet in person as well as offering a livestream via YouTube at 10:30am on Sunday mornings.
We have since re-instated our adult and youth Sunday school classes at 9:30. We do not currently have Sunday school classes for children. We also do not have nursery care or toddler church during the worship service.
In re-opening, we would ask you to continue to observe social distancing guidelines. This means keeping a distance of 6 feet apart, avoid handshaking, and please wear a mask as a means of serving our brothers and sisters in Christ during this time. We currently have seating set up for 80 in the sanctuary with rows in place separated by 6 feet. We plan on these measures being temporary but feel they are necessary for the time being for the church to meet in a safe manner. We also would ask that if you are sick, or suspect you might be getting sick, have a fever, cough or other symptoms that you would please stay home. We will continue to make our service livestream available on YouTube for you every week.

Here are some measures that we will be taking in an effort to create a safe place for us as we gather to worship:

-We will have face-masks and hand sanitizer available for you upon entry. We have an infrared thermometer available should there be a concern to check for a possible fever.

-We will ask you to enter through the front doors. They will be propped open so there should be no need to touch door handles. 

-The church bulletin will be placed on the seats as you enter the sanctuary

-We will be removing pens, envelopes, connection cards and Bibles from seats as these attract ’touches’ and germs. We encourage you to bring your own Bible or use a Bible app on your phone during the service.

-In the sanctuary, we have row seating for 80 separated by 6 feet for social distancing. We are asking that if your family shares a row with another person or family, that you be 3 seats apart. 

-We will post signage for restroom for ‘one-at a time’ use. Please knock before entry as bathrooms tend to be spaces where social distancing is difficult.

-We will keep windows open or cracked during the service to allow for fresh air to circulate in the room. 

-We will encourage congregational singing as long as you are wearing a mask to keep any aerosol particles of germs contained.

-Following the worship service, we will not be having our usual fellowship time in the lobby with refreshments. We would ask you to exit through the door at the rear of the sanctuary.

If you have any questions about our re-opening, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@christtheredeemerct.org.
We look forward to seeing you in the near future!  

In Christ,
The Elders of Christ the Redeemer Church